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Light Reflecting on Photos - Troubleshooting guide



  • Kaleb Hill

    I've tried all bullets above and I still am having a white ghost ring at the bottom of my pictures...  

  • Ricky Rico

    I'm getting the same white ring with distortion all around the subject. As a test, I left the back door open and did see a perfect reflection of what was behind the booth. There is some type of reflection going on. The white ring could be the lens, which I will address now but I cannot explain the distortion on the rest of the image around the perfectly focused subject.

  • Ricky Rico

    Full disclosure on my last comment. My LED Ring is not currently working either. Laptop is reading it as 2.0 which it should read as 3.0, will be calling in about that as instructed in Troubleshooting. Could this have something to do with the distortion? Possible I suppose. The distortion is not just on the display after the photo is taken, it is also on the final image that is text/emailed. 

  • Ricky Rico


    I used a black marker around the rim of the lens getting rid of the white letters. I also used it on the edges of the rubber of the LED Ring. No longer getting white ring.

    Distortion FIX:

    Somehow the Green Screen filter was checked on both my newest presets (which I'm using as muilti preset function so I saw on both as I ran the booth). Unchecking fixed problem.


    Updated to newest version. 


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